Welcome to Belgrade Erotic Massage!

Primarily for arousal, erotic massage focuses, although not exclusively, on tantalizing skin-to-skin contact that becomes increasingly sexual as the massage continues. Using light, feathery touches begin moving inwards from the extremities of your lover's body, for example from her toes, up her feet, to calves and thighs, stopping just short of her genitals, or her fingers to palms to inner elbows to armpits and almost to her nipples. Only slowly, as her body awakens under your teasing touch do you move on to actually caress her hot sexual spots. With erotic massage you may use not only your hands but also your tongue, lips, hair or other exotic aids like feathers and even ice cubes. Add more spice with a blindfold or by loosely binding your lover's wrists and ankles to the bed corners so she is at your tender mercy. Not all massages are equal; some are more for relaxation and energetic revival, while others can be particularly erotic building high states of passion and sexual excitement.

A simple blindfold will add a note of mystery to any erotic massage. A teasing, sensual, erotic massage is a wonderful gift to each other, as exciting and satisfying for the giver as the receiver. While your lover is blindfolded, entice him with mysterious sounds, scents, and sensations. Touch him all over with feathers, ice cubes, hot oil, silk cloth, and parts of yourself, of course. Appeal to all five senses in your tantalizing play.